CareCompare is a website where people who require in-home or community care can search for and connect directly with nurses, care and support workers in their area.

Whether you’re looking for round-the-clock care, overnight respite, daily assistance, or just weekly drop-ins, on CareCompare, you can find the highest quality workers fast and easily.

Care and support workers can create their own profile on CareCompare that outlines their experience, qualifications, availability, hourly rates and interests. You can then easily search, compare and choose the right care worker for you.

CareCompare does not provide the care, and we do not employ the workers on our platform. We offer a new model in community and home care that allows you to choose and directly hire the people who will be coming into your home to provide care and support.

By hiring directly, you can afford more hours of care, while care workers have the potential to earn more, and you can both benefit by building long-term relationships.

CareCompare charges clients an advertising service fee on a subscription basis.All payments are made online and can be easily tracked via the dashboard.

Yes. Many types of government funding (including Consumer Directed Care packages and the NDIS) now allow you to select a particular individual or service provider to deliver your care or support.In fact, lower administration costs means that your government funding can often go a lot further when you hire care and support workers directly.The provider or agency managing your funds will have a responsibility to make sure any care worker you select has a current police check, is suitably qualified and experienced, has insurance and an ABN.For answers to common questions about government funding see the following articles in our Help Centre or contact us to discuss your specific circumstances.

CareCompare is the premier e-marketplace for the community services sector.

It is a totally unique solution that has been purpose built to enable consumers to find service providers by service need, supports category and location.The e-marketplace has been built for all service providers – NDIS registered and non-registered. Your membership and listing on the e-directory will ensure that your business can be found easily by consumers keen to engage you services locally.

Click the contact us button on the header or footer of the CareCompare webpage and complete the ‘contact us’ form. A member of the Team will be back to you within 24 hours.

Alternatively call the CareCompare Team for support

CareCompare offers a ‘Pro’ or ‘Premium’ membership for organizations multi sites – this feature is critical for service providers that offer different services and program at different locations.

CareCompare also offers service providers the option to manage all site listings centrally through one contact point, or the locally by individual site manager.

Changes to your listings have been made easy to do through the ‘edit’ function on your user profile.Click the contact us button on the header or footer of the CareCompare webpage and complete the ‘contact us’ form should you need support and a member of the Team will be back to you within 24 hours.
As a given, consumers or participants are offered a free listing to ensure that they can find providers that can meet their needs locally.Providers are offered four different membership levels. Click on the ‘join today’ tab on the CareCompare e-marketplace for specific membership package details.
Whilst we have loaded all NDIS registered providers listed on the NDIS website (Current as at December 2015); we are working towards having all providers in our e-directory.If local providers are not coming up that are capable of meeting your needs, it may be that a provider does not exist that meets your search criteria.
Remember that any search criteria that you select (e.g. support items) or information that you provide is searchable by consumers.If your listing is not coming up, check that you have activated your listing by going back to your welcome email. Then login and check the search criteria that you have selected and information fields completed.
Reviews are open. Our goal is to provide a place where people, whether they are care consumers, carers or people with experience can share their knowledge of the best care providers in their area.
While we don’t accept self-reviews (reviews by employees or owners of a provider), we do provide the opportunity to providers to customise profiles of their service to best represent themselves. We also welcome care professionals to share their experience and give reviews to other providers they recommend to people in their community. Our purpose in this approach is to remove the conflict of interest in self-reviews, while still welcoming the valuable knowledge that care professionals bring to our community.
Yes. We understand that with the growth of online support worker hiring platforms and even among traditional providers it is increasingly common for people to both work for and receives support from a provider.If you would like to give a review for a provider that you both use and work for, we ask that you share this context in the same way you might if you were recommending the provider offline. For example “I’ve been using Alex’s Physio for the past year and now also work there part time”.

For any review, letting other users know your perspective (whether your review is as a consumer, carer or care professional) is also a great way to help them understand your experience. We encourage you to give as much context as you are comfortable with sharing when you share a review.

CareCompre was built with the belief that sharing experiences is key to helping each other make the right decision when choosing care. If you have experience, please share it with our community. By sharing your experience of care you’ll be helping empower people to make informed decisions about their care.